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10 Effective Ways To Remove Warts Yourself At Home

Warts are like a skin tumor, and mostly occurs in the hands and feet. Also, it’s called by the human papillomavirus, which can be transmitted through contact from other people. However, this disease does not cause complications and cure a wart can be easily yourself at home.

1-Take garlic two or three cloves, finely chop, and causes exactly the wart, press down on top of a slice of garlic, two to four times a day, it can be used at night. Treatment is carried out for four days, repeat the course in two weeks.

2- Dandelion is a flower that has long been highly regarded as a remedy for warts. Warts should be lubricated several times a day latex with a broken stem of the plant.

3- In the bowl of hot water, pour sea salt in a ratio of 0.2 kg of salt per liter of water. Mix. The resulting solution holds hands or feet, thirty min. The procedure is repeated daily until symptoms disappear.

4- If the daily lubricate extract arborvitae, warts can be removed permanently. The procedure is repeated several times a day and put on the night.

5- Two tablespoon vinegar mixed with the same amount of normal sunflower oil. Warts smear every day for two weeks. You can also use vinegar separately as an independent means of warts. To do this, moisten a cotton ball in vinegar and applied on the wart. Dressings changed three to four times a day, you can leave at night. Apply at least two weeks.

6- Celandine is the most popular natural drugs to fight the disease. Just celandine tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy. Not recommended for pregnant women, it can not be used inside. The exceptions are the recommendations of doctors to treat other ailments. Its name originated from the popular belief that the grass begins to grow with the arrival of the swallows and die when they fly.

7- Finely rub lemon peel is applied to the affected area and tape up. Grated zest to put in place better than the warts on the day and at night. Apply two weeks.

8- Take a few aspirin tablets and grind it, then add a few drops of water. Put it onto the effected wart areas and apply an adhesive bandage. Leave for all night. Apply at least two weeks.

9- Take one lemon and half a cup of vinegar. Lemon cut into small pieces to make in the future in the affected area. Put the lemon in a glass and pour vinegar, leave for the night. In the morning obtain slices of lemon, putting in place carefully warts. Compress change several times a day, it can be used at night. The treatment lasts a minimum of one and a half weeks. For this method was more effective before the procedure, you can wash your hands and feet in warm water with soap.

10- Sprigs of fresh basil are putting into the affected area of the skin. Fold change frequently and repeat this procedure every day until symptoms disappear. The solution is quite a lot, so even to make the removal of warts is not any problems, and you can quickly get rid of them.


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