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100% Effective Herbal Treatment for Face Pimples and Acne

The majority of girls and guys are facing problems like pimples and acne on their faces. These Pimples and acne leave dark marks on face and owing to these marks beauty affects badly. The issues regarding spotting of pimples will occur owing to some reasons such as bad and unhealthy food. One more thing which I want to mention here that issues regarding acne and pimples are much common in teenagers.

It shows that when a child grow up and enter in thirteen or fourteen of age, pimples and acne could be appearing on his face. This is owning to some medical reasons. Moreover, cheap food is another reason which would affect your health and face beauty.

Next, when a teenager feels that his face beauty is being affected due to pimples, he or she uses chemically beauty creams without consultation of skin doctor. In result, these creams affected more skin tissue. One tip for those who are currently using cosmetics cream Pimples and Acne Problem Treatments for removing of pimples and acne is that they should consult their skin care doctor and consult these issues with him firstly. Because without any direction the problems will be increased.

A unique solution for all of those readers who are currently facing the aforesaid problems.


1- Citrullus colocynthis, Colocynth and Qortuma (کوڑتمہ) in Punjabi language (one piece).
2- Beauty soap (any)


Take one piece of costume which is easily be available in East Punjab, take 1 simple beauty soap (any). Now Cut the said Kurtumah from its mid position and take out the inner section of it. Now insert the beauty soap in it. The next step is to insert this piece into wheat after covering or wrapping with tape. After the time period of 21 days, take out the said piece. Unwrapped the Kurtumah shield from around the soap body. Now use this piece of soap and wash daily your face thrice. Yours all acne and pimples will be removed within one week. Continued use of this soap could also be effective for removing of dark pimple marks. Moreover, dark eye circles could also be removed with the help of this home remedy.


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