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17 The Most Important Invocations, Everyday Use For Muslims

We come to this world, sometimes we have to live in the world. We are so weak, our needs for our life, for reform, for success, Suffering and worries, require support in order to avoid problems. We are needy, we want support and confidence. For this purpose call someone. That is only Allah, Who never disappoint anyone.

Then we need to recite these Duas Befor going to bed, Before leaving the home, Before starting the meal, Come out of the toilet, Dua-e- Qunoot, Enter the house, For safety, Funeral Dua for the female child, Funeral Dua for the male child, Funeral Dua, On waking up, Recite this Dua after meals, Salat-ul-Hajah, When boarding a vehicle, When enters the toilet, When looking in the mirror, When wearing cloth. So that Dua becomes our habit permanently.

17 The Most Important Invocations, Everyday Use For Muslims:

Come out of the toilet, recite this Dua
Come out of the toilet, recite this Dua
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