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2 Best Home Based Hair Loss Solutions You Don’t Know

If you are one of them who are currently facing hair loss problem, then today’s post is especially for you. Get to know what is hair loss? Hair loss treatment and method which is effective for hair restoration. Just follow the following and hair falling problem will end soon. Moreover, Regrow hair is also being written in below for your hair loss solution. Constant hair falling is very dangerous because this is going towards bald yourself soon.

There are several methods for hair loss control. As we say earlier that look at your diet plan, which is most important. Secondly, see what quality of Shampoo you have been using since last couple of months. At third, find the answer of is hair loss already exist in your family history. Any one from your parent if facing baldness then this would be called baldness by Genetic factor. Here we know about three main categories of hair fall reasons behind the same, i.e. due to food, due to shampoo, due to genetic factors.

Hair Restoration or Hair Replacement:

Hair restoration is a method in which new hair will restore on your bald surface. Similarly, Hair replacement is a method in which healthy hair will be imported from that part of your body where its generation is better. You can treat hair loss problem with the help of these hair loss solutions, the solution is totally home based.

First Hair Loss Solution:

1- Honey, One Tablespoon.
2- Olive Oil, One Tablespoon.
3- Cinnamon / Daar Cheeni (Grinded), Half Tablespoon.

Mix them well and get lap the mixture past on your bald surface. Just applied three times this mixture in a month or once a week. Hair will be restored automatically at domestic level by this.

Second Hair Loss Solution:

1- Ginger, Same Quantity.
2- olive oil, Same Quantity.

Collect some ginger juice and mix it with olive oil in the same quantity. Now put this mixture on your finger tips and massage generally it into the roots of your hair. The minimum time required for the said process is half hour at one time. Repeat same process thrice in a month will definitely control hair loss causes.


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