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4 Easy And Most Effective Home Made Sports Drink For Athletes

What are sports drinks? These beverages help athletes re-hydrate the body quickly. Sports drinks, provide minerals and glucose and energy, when an intense physical activity or particularly after exercise. Sometimes industrialized sports drink energy can find in the shops. In addition to the expensive, contain chemicals that are not recommended and are high in calories, so many athletes prefer not to use.

But you can prepare your own natural sports drink. So that you can control all the ingredients that you use and not to take anything artificial. Here are some recipes for homemade sports drink can be prepared in your home and leave his hand in the fridge to eat when you need to.

1- Lemonade sports drink:

This is one of the easiest to prepare sports drink, perfect to freshen up when we got back from the exercises. You can use this type of soft drinks and thawed as opposed to your hot body with a cold drink can cause health problems.

* Juice of 1 or 2 lemons.
* Water 1 liter.
* Honey 1 tablespoon.
* Sea salt 1 teaspoon.
* Bicarbonate of soda 1 teaspoon.

Blend all ingredients until well dissolved and bring to the refrigerator until cool.

2- Fruit juice, sports drink:

This juice is an ideal place for a drink every day, in addition to not bother you to change the fruits that you are cooking.

* Water 1 liter.
* Bicarbonate of soda 500 mg.
* Salt 500 mg.
* Potassium chloride 250 mg.
* Sugar 3 tablespoon.
* Fruit juice.

Mix all ingredients in a blender and blend the power for several minutes until all the ingredients are thoroughly dissolved.

3- Guarana Drink Natural:

Guarana is a fruit tree and mostly grows in the Amazon. Due to the high caffeine content is used as the activation and stimulation of the central nervous system. Many industrial energy drinks made from the extract of Guarana seeds. It is very easy to get this fruit in some countries, but in stores you can find a powder obtained from the fruit seeds. Remember that caffeine has a high component, so you should not abuse their sports drink In addition, experts advise not to mix the Guarana to ephedrine.

* Guarana powder 1 teaspoon.
* Brewer’s yeast 1 teaspoon.
* Wheat seedlings teaspoon.
* Honey 3 teaspoon.
* Non-carbonated mineral water 1 glass.

Blend all ingredients in a blender and mix them well for three or four minutes, until well blended. Drink every morning before physical activity.

4- Coconut water, sports drink:

It was recently discovered that coconut water is a powerful natural sports drink beverage. It’s sweet, refreshing and, in turn, has a high component of minerals, which alone makes it an excellent drink for athletes. You can combine the coconut water with honey, the juice of other fruits, or just one drink after physical activity.

* Coconut water 1 cup.
* Frozen pineapple chunks ½ cup.
* Banana ½ cup.
* Honey 2 tablespoons.
* Coconut extract ½ teaspoon.

Place all the ingredients except the toasted coconut in a blender. Mix at high speed until foamy.

Note: It is important that this type of natural sports drink has no side effects or contraindications, but it is advised that those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, consult your doctor before using.


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