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5 Easy Remedies and Precautions of Complex Throat Diseases

The mucous membranes of the throat and nasal cavity, most affected by disease-causing viruses and bacteria, as by inhalation there are delayed all the particles falling from the inhaled air. Cold and flu viruses, bacterial infections are the most common causes unpleasant pain in the throat.

Prior to using any medicines for various throat diseases, it is necessary to determine whether the drug is really needed or not? The slight sore throat or throat infection is not a problem. However, antibiotics are necessary in case of infection, but it is important to consult with a doctor first. Sometimes minor discomfort is cured by gargle fixes. However, in case of longer time period consultation with doctor is better.

Five Easy Alternative Treatments:

The following simple and provide treatment of the throat can be adopted for curing throat infections.

1- Cure By Gargle:
Gargle regularly with Salt mixed warm water.

2- Cure By Fennel:
Eat Fennel and suck its juice three of four times in a day is also being effective in throat pain.
* Take half litter water and insert some fennel in it. Cook the fennel slightly. When the water decrease ¼ of litter, mixed sugar with it and sip it 02 or 03 times in a day. Pain throat and sound will be fine immediately.

3- Cure By Vinegar:
Insert one tablespoon vinegar in the water and perform gargle with this water.

4- Cure By Lemon:
Boil the lemon in the water for ten minutes. Take out the juice into a glass. Put two teaspoons of glycerin in boiling lemon juice and shake this mixture well. Now put two teaspoons of honey in this mixture and fill the glass with water. The is natural Cough syrup and ready for use. Take two teaspoons in the morning, in the afternoon, and in evening regular only five days during cough sore throat. Throat pain and cough will be recovered.

5- Cure By Ginger:
Make small holes in ginger. Fill these holes with salt. Now close the side holes and wrap ginger by wet cloth or liquid flour. Put this wrapped ginger into the fire and burn it completely. After the wrapped flour or wet water burnt out, remove them quickly. Now make small pieces of this semi burn ginger and eat it. This is an awesome effective home remedy for cough cure.


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