A Simple Prescription For Stop Bleeding In Internal And External Injury

A bleeding disorder is an acquired or inherited tendency to bleed excessively. Fibrinolytic disorders, structural disorders, deficiency of coagulation factors and platelet disorders are the main factors can cause abnormal bleeding. Today I will guide you that how to treatment for disease in herbal method.

Mixing the components of the recipe method:

First, take a piece of pomegranate peel and grind it. And use this in the following ways, when needed. In winter season take 3 gram of pomegranate peel powder and boiled it in half kg water. Stop boiling when it remains quarter. Take this drink in the morning and evening, the bleeding will be stopped. In summer season, after boiling this mixture with cold water and use it. If the patient is weak should be reduced the dosage.


In Women decrease the heavy periods, that prevents hemorrhage (Nose Bleeding) and stop the blood in internal or external injury.


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