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Antiperspirants Are An Excellent Tool To Combat Unpleasant Body Odor

Using antiperspirants helps kill bacteria in the armpits, which potentially changes their whole evolutionary process. It is a substance that is applied to the skin, especially under the arms, to prevent or reduce perspiration. These everyday products are changing the type and number of bacteria in the armpits, that is affecting their microbial – a unique set of microbes.

Thousands of types of bacteria living on human skin. In the 8-day study, 17 people were divided into three groups. In the first use antiperspirants to reduce the amount of perspiration. In the second use deodorants, often applying ethanol or other antimicrobial agents to eliminate unpleasant odors. Members of the third group did not use any food hygiene in general.

Researchers found that people who use antiperspirants, skin is less than the amount of microbes compared to those who used deodorants or have used none.

However, their diversity was more pronounced. At the same time, users of deodorants microbes on the skin are even greater than that of those who did not use anything. In general, antiperspirants significantly reduced the total number of bacteria on the skin. For those who did not use deodorant or antiperspirant, 62% of germs were Corynebacterium, partially responsible for the unpleasant smell. They were followed by various staphylococci, which are a group of bacteria that most often detected in the human skin. Although some of them are harmful, most are considered to be useful.


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