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Be Aware of Combing Hair Repeatedly, Experts Have Warned

It is the most famous tip to protect the hair that combs the hair at least hundred times a day. So the hair fall will stop, but the length of hair also increased. Now we give this to scientific color if put all hair in front downwards and brush them, in this way hair fall will be stopped and the length of hair also increased. Either you act upon the previous advice or scientific method, there is nothing happen because experts have proven that this process in harmful for the hair.

Structure of hair is exactly like plants.

As we touch the tender petals again and again they will die. Just like that if we touch the outer layer of hair repeatedly they become weak. Another reason of the weak hair is that they are not attached to the skin of the head. These types of hair become weak, when combing pressure applies to them. See the hair, which are trapped in the comb a protected layer is present on their edges, they keep sticking. The hair on the skin of head. Although this also comes out because of combing.

Skin specialist says that when we comb the hair very rapidly it produces heat in the head. This heat opens the pores and the process of falling hair become faster. They prove that massage of the scalp is not good. Our hair does not bear the hard hand massage and this is why hard massage keeps our scalp relax, but after this when we set our hair and comb them, they fall in big quantity.

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