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Awesome Cure Tips To Get Bright, Fresh and Glowing Face

As we all know that freshness and relaxation of face plays an important role in beauty, here we have 08 awesome effective face beauty enhancing tips for all of you which you can perform easily at your home. You can get great effective results with the help of these simple cure tips, enhance your face glow & beauty within 03 days.

Below are some great homemade practice to look beautiful and charming without any cosmetic.

Cure By Lemon:

Lemon is one of the most cleaning things. If you have hard and rough skin and want to be smooth and clean skin, then just take half lemon and generally massage with it daily two times on your skin. You get amazing results only after three days.

Vegetable Cooking Water:

After cooking vegetables, save its water. When it turns into cool, then use it as a tonic on your face. You will feel more relaxing and your skin tissue also be relaxed by this tonic.

Natural Yogurt:

Take one egg yolk and mix it with one tablespoon Olive oil and whipped it vinegar or lemon juice, salt, pepper and sugar. Now apply this mixture as a mask on the face for ten minutes and then wash it with water. You will get soon soft and pliable skin.

Vegetable Fats (Ghee):

For very rough and hard skin, just applied vegetable fats (Ghee) on facial skin. After few minutes, wash your face with splashes of water. Remember that dry your face without rub the towel. It will act as a simple moisturizer.

Cure by Onions:

Juice of Onions may cause tears in the eyes, but really very affective with respect cure of facial beauty. Apply lightly on the face, but keep away from your eyes.

Cure By Flour:

Take the mixture of flour and water and then rub or massage it on your face. Your face will glow in a few couple of minutes.

Cure by cocktail (Fruit Mixture):

After getting a meal and ate fruit, don’t destroy extra fruit into dustbin. Make cocktail with all of remaining extra fruit and apply it on face. Wait just two or three minutes, then wash your face. You will find new beauty with awesome look.

Cure By Cold Milk:

If your skin was damaged due to dry air then apply cold milk on your face with the help of your fingers. Also use soft and creamy cleanser for dry skin.


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