Best and 100% Effective Herbal Treatment for Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is just like as lung cancer, but it is not. This is because of its symptoms are just like as symptoms of lung cancer. Asbestos is the most common cause of mesothelioma creates blockage in lungs lines. Which leads further difficulties. Asbestos itself like a fiber which produce hurdles in the way of air (oxygen) in lines of the lungs.
Prior to enlisting symptoms of mesothelioma, one most important thing which we want to mention here is that mesothelioma symptoms is mirror matching symptoms of lung cancer. To diagnose you can visit WEBMD to know about its medical tests. However, the most common symptoms of Mesothelioma are chest pain, breathe hurdle, reduction of chest expansion, harsh breathe sound, cough, finger length, blood in cough etc.

As we mentioned above, Asbestos creates hurdles in line of our lungs. Their residency for a long time in the lungs is the basic cause of Mesothelioma. Asbestos infect is a Microscopic Fibers. The presence of these Fibers will create hurdles to heat, fire and other chemical related elements. The product which contains asbestos is distributed, then minor tiny fibers released from air and while breathing process, the same stored in lung cells. Residency of these fibers in lung cells can lead to serious health issues such as Mesothelioma or lung cancer.

These tiny fibers when stored in the lungs for a long time, create hurdles in way of breathing. Because of these hurdles, the patient of mesothelioma feeling difficulty in breathing as well as pain in the chest. On later, sometimes blood in cough will also be seen.

How to Treat Mesothelioma:

To sort out the hurdles occurred due to Asbestos, following remedy for treatment of Mesothelioma will amazingly effective. You just need to make it as described in below, take as medicine and only in a few days, no symptoms of Mesothelioma will remain.


1- Barg-e-Bansa (Malabar Nut Tree) 1 Kilogram.
2- White Sugar 1 Kilogram.
3- Falafel Daraz Powder 10 to 15 Gram.

Prescription and Use:

Take One Kilogram Barg.e.Bansa and dip said herbal in Six litter water. Boil this water with slow fire. When water remains approx. Two litters, put One Kilogram white sugar in it. Now again put it on slow fire. When it got thick liquid, your medicine is at the final stage. Mixed 10 Gram powder of falafel Daraz on this liquid. Just Mix above medicine, which is also best for Pleural Mesothelioma treatment. Finally Medicine for Mesothel. is ready. Take one tablespoon of this medicine thrice in a day.


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