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Best Solution For Baby, Who Doesn’t Want to Eat Anything

My cute baby doesn’t want to eat anything else? My wife is trying hard that he will eat something else, but she failed. Infest she was too worried regarding such situation because fear of weight loss. Occasionally, I think a question will raise in my mind that is my baby Picky eater? It is due to the reason behind above situation is that my Kid will eat only selection or his favorite things.

If your couple is one of those who have still facing above situation, firstly check that is your baby picky eater only or Not. If Your Kid is only eating selective items and doesn’t eat anything else, then it is best suggestion for you to make his/her desirable stuff. The major problem with toddler age season is that this age the baby will also face toothache problems.

How to know if you have Anorexia:

Some days ago, I have met with my friend. He told me about his thoughts. I want to mention here that my friend’s health decreased suddenly within a few days. I shocked to know that he thinks he is suffering from anorexia. His body weight loss constantly within last few couple of months. Here the question is that how to know if you have anorexia? Go to doctor for solution of said problem. Ask him for taking a medical test for anorexia. Only concerned doctor could decide you anorexia or not.

Best Remedial Solution:


1- Black Gram 7 Pieces. 2- Almonds 5 Numbers. 3- Raisins 8 Numbers.


If baby doesn’t want to eat then we have a wonderful and amazing remedial solution for this problem. Just take 7 pieces of Black Gram, 5 Almonds and 8 numbers of Raisins. Dip into these pieces into the water at the time to bead. Grind these pieces early in the morning and eat. This quantity is for adults. For Kids, just take 1/4th of said ingredients. After few couple of days your baby will eat everything with happy mode. He never denied to eat anything.


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