Cheapest Treatment Of Hepatitis Who Could Not Afford The Expensive Medicine

Beauty parlors and barber are the main cause of the spread of hepatitis. One million to fifty million people in Pakistan are suffering from hepatitis. Hepatitis A and E, contaminated water and malnutrition is the leading cause of the spread. Hepatitis B, C and D is created from using syringes, blood transfusion and other reasons.

In women’s beauty parlor is the main cause of Hepatitis, while In men hair dresser or barber are the leading cause of spreading hepatitis. The treatment of Hepatitis disease is available in Greek medicine. Modern medication for Hepatitis is alpha interferon injection and Slavadi tablets. But It is very expensive treatment for poor peoples. Those who forbid the use of these new drugs do not have the resources. The hepatitis C natural and home remedies constantly use the following recipe.

Recipe Ingredient:

Treatment Of Hepatitis In Tibb-e-Unani
1- Mlathi (liquorice root) 3 gram.
2- Fennel 3 gram.
3- Cinnamon 3 gram.
4- Juice of radish leaves 50 ml.
5- Simple Glucose 25 gram.

Preparation and instruction:

Take half glass of water and soak Mlathi (liquorice root), Fennel and Cinnamon overnight. In the morning mix fifty ml juice of radish leaves, twenty five grams of simple glucose to use an empty stomach.  Also take a single dose 5 pm in the evening.
NOTE: (Diabetic patients use without glucose).


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  • Dear Muhammad Farooq. How are you??? Sir, if you don’t mind kindly put the Preparation and Instructions of Prescription and Treatment of Hepatitis C in simple ‘URDU’ language .


    Syed Muhammad Ahmad Shah

    • @Syed Muhammad Ahmad Shah,
      Preparation and instruction are explained and updated in simple English, you can read it again. Ingredients are already shown in Urdu . 🙂

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