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Do Not Use Toxic Shampoo From Get Rid Of Lice, Use This Recipe Made From Natural Ingredients

The women are very troubled by lice and various kinds of shampoo to get rid of them, but because they become frustrated when not benefit. Today I will tell you natural prescription, knowing that you will not continue to try. Remember that you also try some of these recipes, but certainly at least a few weeks, so you can get the desired results.

How to get rid of Lice:

1- Vinegar:
Mix equal amount of mineral oil and vinegar, putting in the head and go to sleep at night. The next morning, wash the head with a soap or shampoo, turn the fine comb, all the lice will die.

2- Coconut oil:
Apply warm coconut oil on the head at night before going to bed. The next morning wash the half hot water, and comb. Until a few days, the process will be finished in head lice.

3- Lemon:
The lice are dead due to the acidic. Lemon juice with mustard oil and put in the hair. Comb wet hair after washing head the next morning, you will see that some days use this prescription lice will be removed.

4- Olive Oil:
Apply the warm olive oil in the head at night and the next morning, wash fine comb. Lice die will come out automatically.

5- Mayonnaise:
Like olive oil, putting mayonnaise on the head before bedtime. The next morning head wash with a soap or shampoo and comb.


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