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Do You Know, Why God Has Created the Water Without Color, Smell and Taste

If God gives a specific color to the water, then all the objects that survive and grow up in the water, they all had the same color. If God gives a specific flavor to the water, all the vegetables do you eat the same taste. Because the growth of plants is possible in the water. Similarly, if God gives a special scent the water, then all the objects that survive from water and fragrant, they all would have the same scent. The scent of blooming jasmine flowers such as roses and the same.

Watch the water in some parts of the human body:

  • Mouth-watering sweet.
  • Ear water bitter.
  • And eye brine.

There is a great wisdom of God:

  • Made from mouth-watering sweet because the sense of taste.
  • Ear water so bitter as the reason for entering the insects and If they entered, they killed her bitterness.
  • And the eye of the brine to be made because a strong system of protection from bacteria and germs.

Water plays an important part in our body and we cannot live without water. There is no substitute for water, importance of thirst quencher. Water is the bodies shock absorber, brain and spinal cord are protected by it. It moves nutrients, hormones, antibodies and oxygen through the blood stream.


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