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Doctors have warned, If You See Any Sign Of Them Go To Hospital Immediately

That some diseases are so that we would go to the hospital were much more serious, but their nature is not of the kind that the hospital be taken. But in some diseases the largest in the value of risk that we do not go to the hospital and unknowingly damage repent. Doctors have warned, let us tell you about some of the symptoms if they appear you should immediately to the hospital.

1- Sound doesn’t play correctly and difficulty in moving:

Fall is such a problem that will not be answered correctly and are having difficulty moving. Then immediately go to the hospital because the first sign of a stroke. This is because the blood supply to the brain seems to hover at risk of hemorrhagic brain which is affected. Experts say that in the case of health “FAST” Face-Arms-Speech-Time principle to keep in mind. Face mean. Face is convulsed that refers to a side and smiling man having a hard time. It is also a sign of a risk because of the weakness in the arm the patient cannot raise his hands. The speech said the problem is in motion and could not understand the words of the patient. Time means that immediately call for medical assistance. It appears any one of these three should go to the hospital in a hurry.

2- If any part of the body becomes senseless:

If any part of the body should senseless to the foot hand shoulder, must go to the hospital. Although it is not too dangerous but the doctors said that in such a case should go to the hospital check-up must surely take it as normal.

3- Vomiting after head injury:

If too severe head injury should go to the hospital. But with vomiting should not waste an hour to start and should go to the hospital immediately. Some symptoms of head injury include incontinence, hearing problems and bleeding from the ears to see and be examined as a temporary memory.

4- Marks under the eyes:

This marks the general cause diarrhea, vomiting diarrhea and severe dehydration. It is a risk which is prone to dehydration of the body so that the marks are displayed. In such a case should not delay and must reach the hospital.

5- Severe headache:

If the head instantly began to severe pain and medication may not be right after eating it is a good thing because it’s early hemorrhagic brain. So that case to go to the hospital. Pain in the neck with this symbol may look weak and vomiting.


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