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Effective Remedy to Improve Your Children Eyesight Within Few Days

Eyes are special and unique gift from our God. The poet says a lot of poetry on the eyes. Infect, eyes are the major asset of life through which we could enjoy our real life. Just see how it is difficult to live in a world as a blind person. For this practice, just close your eyes and remember that you are blind now.

Now, you are not able to see anything. You may not feel about anything in your surroundings. Only you can touch and feel them. In short, it is so difficult to live without your shining eyes. Even we are all well aware regarding the importance of Eyesight, we use brutally this great blessing. Poor eyesight is a common issue and very serious matter in nowadays. There are 08 out of 10 persons are affected and lose their eye power owing to some reasons.

Parents Responsibilities:

  • Do not allow children to read in dim light.
  • Distance will also matter. Allowable minimum distance between eyes and reading surface is 14 inches.
  • Advice child to close his eyes for a few seconds periodically during reading for rest purposes of his eyes.
  • Remember one thing that the light will come on reading surface from left side of the child’s head.
  • The extra shine on readable page will also affect the eyes.
  • Do not permit your child to view the eclipse by naked eyes, binoculars or sunglasses because it may be lost eyesight completely.
  • Do not allow reading while riding in a moving train because negative impact will occur by constant move.

Remedy To Improve Eyesight Within Few Days:


1- Almonds 50 grams.
2- Koza Misri (rock sugar) 50 grams.
3- Fennel 50 grams.


Take almonds, Koza Misri and Fennel in equal amount or 50 grams each. Grind all three elements and mix them. Now take one tablespoon of this powder in morning, afternoon and in the evening. Your eyesight will improve within next few days and continued use of this remedy will definitely improve your poor eyesight into batter. To make this remedy better as taste wise, you can add more quantity of Koza Misri in it. So, it will be sweeter rather than the remedy make with equal amount of all elements.


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