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Five Authentic Natural Home Remedies For Treatment Of Nail Fungus

Most people in the world suffer from fungal disease most often affects the feet and nails, and nail fungus treatment is the most difficult and time-consuming process. Main symptoms of this disease are changing their color to white, then gray, then they turn yellow to yield a brown, black and even green color. The nails thicken with time, then crumble and collapse as a result. Fungus located on nails making an opaque nail plate. Natural home remedies will help you avoid the development of nail fungus.

Treatment Of  Nail Fungus:

1- Take the vinegar, but not the essence, and cook on the basis of its weak solution, which tablespoon of vinegar need to be mixed with water in an amount of one glass. If the skin on the feet is particularly rude, it is possible to prepare a solution a little stronger. Before the procedure is necessary to steam the feet, hold them in a basin of hot water a few minutes, then remove the outdated epithelium scissors. Prefab vinegar solution Pour into the bath without diluting, and to wipe them skin in the areas between the toes. This procedure is repeated every other day for two weeks.

2- The next course lasts for twenty days. To this end, every morning and evening on those nails, which amazed the fungus should be applied iodine. Iodine must apply other nails on the form are not overwhelmed by a fungus, to prevent needing to also treat them, but can rarely, once every two days. If about a week after the start of the application of this tool appeared burning sensation and pain in patients with nails, it is not necessary to worry especially because it signals that nails recover. However, if the burning pain and become stronger, less likely to be applied to the nails iodine, for example once in two days.

3- To quickly get rid of the fungus on the nails, it is advisable to use such folk remedy, recommended by people who have experienced it for yourself. It should take one tablespoon of vegetable oil , raw egg and dimethyl phthalate in an amount of 1 teaspoon. Mix it all thoroughly and lubricate the nails, which are struck by a fungus, and then treated leg wrap in cellophane and put on socks. Leave overnight so and repeat this procedure for 3-4 days. Note that patients get out nails, instead grow new and healthy. The mixture should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid its damage.

4- In various skin lesions fungus or parasites effectively used birch tar ointment in the form of 10-30%. In addition, birch tar is a part of some ointments that are sold in pharmacies, but you can cook it in the home, for example in the backyard or at the cottage. What should be specially prepared to take the pot, the bottom of which holes are made and put it in the metal groove, with which will be collected tar. The distance between the bottom of the pot and the groove should be about five centimeters. The pot is laid in advance collected birch bark, which should be set on fire, burning it drips and flows down into the groove. The process is laborious, so maybe it will be easier to buy it at a pharmacy.

5- Good natural home remedy for nail fungus is a rowan tree, or rather its leaves. In order to effectively use this tool, it is necessary to collect the leaves of mountain ash, and while they are still fresh, grind them to form a uniform slurry. Apply a compress bandage tight strengthened.


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