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Five Healthy Nutritional Benefits Of Super Premium Basmati Rice

Asmati rice has been largely used in the Pakistani and Indian dishes for years now. Today, it stands out as one of the most famous varieties of rice in India and the other western parts of the world too. The idea of its fame can be guessed from the expansion of rice exporters from our country. The number keeps growing day by day. The variety of rice is very rich in aroma and flavour, but these are not the sole reasons for its wide acceptance at the worldwide level. Here are few of the nutritional benefits, which make the basmati rice the most consumed variety of rice.

1- High Calorific Value:

Those of you looking for the high energy food in regular diets can prefer best super premium basmati rice super premium basmati rice over the other types of rice. Around 200 grams of the rice when cooked has more than 200 percentage calories and thus are a good source of instant energy. So it is very high in calorie value.

2- Proteins and Carbohydrates:

Various types of basmati including the royal rice and the super famous 11-21 rice stand out as good sources of carbohydrates. Take for example 200 grams of any rice have about 40 grams of carbohydrates. So the same quantity of the basmati rice has more than 5 grams of proteins.

3- Lower in Gluten and Fat:

A bowl of 100 grams rice contains almost less than 1 gram of fat. Also, this type of rice doesn’t have cholesterol at all. These qualities make for a nutritionally great food item for regular consumption basis. Besides, the 11-21 Rice and other basmati varieties too are totally free of gluten. People who don’t have an intake of gluten rich grains and cereals due to health problems find the basmati rice to be a nice alternative.

4- Rich Source of Vitamins:

The Basmati rice is an excellent source of various Vitamins, which also include niacin and thiamine. The deficiency of these vital vitamins is obviously not good for your body. Its presence in the basmati rice and also the brown rice along with a few other varieties simply add to the many nutritional benefits. All of these vitamins ensure that the digestive system, nervous system and the heart are functioning properly. These are also good for the skin.

5- Other Benefits:

Another essential nutrient found in the basmati rice is iron. Plus even the brown rice type of the basmati rice provides fibre content in one’s diet. The white variety of basmati also contains fiber but it is a bit less in value compared to the brown rice. Same goes for the other varieties of rice but the content and value is much lesser.

Keeping so many of these benefits in mind, the best premium basmati rice is very fast becoming widely consumed type of rice in most of the countries. The many rice exporters in India are becoming very dominant and the business keeps expanding. This has also given a lot of boost to the Indian economy, thanks to the foreign export.


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