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Five Magical Benefits About Your Nose, Mostly People Not Know

When the air comes into your nose it gets filtered by tiny hairs and it is moistened by the mucus that is in your nose. The nose is the sense organ that detects smell. There are millions of smell receptors in our nose. Some medicinal drug is unpleasant to take. You can hold your nose while taking the medicine. This helps take away the unsightly feeling. Bellow are the five magical benefits about your nose.

1- Fourteen Different Types:

According to the medical point of view, there are fourteen different basic types of noses, however, that not all scientists agree with this statement. Dissidents own nose consists of numerous pieces of cartilage and bone and as a rule is for everyone.

2- Sneezing:

Style is a very personal and sneezing it is determined by your genes. It is likely that feels strange but if you think about it it makes total sense. After all tissues and muscle action among family members as a rule are very similar.

3- Nose and Beauty:

The nose has a strong impact on our perception of beauty. This is the most prominent part of the face. In addition, throughout the history, it was interpreted as an indicator of the character. For example a long nose was to the Greeks and Romans show of force and power. Given this reality, it is no wonder that rhinoplasty is the second most frequently performed cosmetic surgery after breast augmentation.

4. Live Filter:

Your nose is lined with a protective mucus. It contains enzymes and white blood cells that protect the body from all types of diseases and infections. Nose hairs also help! And function as the true brooms that impede the passage of dust and germs.

5. Growth:

In ten years the shape of the nose is well defined. However the body continues to grow between fifteen to seventeen for women and even between seventeen to nineteen years in men. Over time the nose drops not only gravity but also due to the gradual disintegration of collagen and elastin supplies.


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