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Five Most Effective Herbs Have Magical Properties, You Do Not Know

Ancient healing drugs, infusions and tinctures with recipes healers are not lost. They were collected and recorded far-sighted people in blogs, which then turned into a book and passed on from generation to generation.

Due to the surviving folios, we know that in ancient times people have been treated with herbs, as a man lives in nature. It is surrounded by thousands of plants. But we know that most of them are miracle drugs against insidious diseases and injuries.

Some herbs were given magical properties. Probably because of their medicinal use.

1- Plantain leaf:

plantain leafking along a country road along the side of the road we see a plantain leaf. In the old days, and even now, when there is no plaster at hand, they can be used to stop bleeding in superficial wounds or suction of pus in abscesses. Its fresh leaves are useful as rubbed on parts of the body stung by insects, nettles, etc.
2- Camomile:

camomileInfusions of its dried flowers are used for diseases of the stomach and intestines. In the wild, there is another kind of this plant is called camomile. It is a bush meter height, the trunk is a lot of branches with flowers. It is used in cosmetics and medicine. With the help of cured asthma, rheumatism, migraine.

3- Red elderberry:

Red elderberry bushesRed elderberry bushes adorn our forests, suburban areas, urban parks and gardens. The official medicine flowers of the plant are used. But they are an excellent use of folk medicine, because they are an excellent antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant and antipyretic drugs. And the properties of leaves and berries the plant is widely used in the national economy.

4- Yellow celandine:

Yellow celandineYellow celandine flowers growing all around us, in infusions from dried flowers and roots. It is the perfect remedy for skin and even cancer.


5- Lavender:

lavenderPlant with shaggy dark purple flowers on the stalk, like a soft brush, called lavender. She has more than 30 varieties. Basically lavender is used to normalize blood pressure, improve heart function and circulation.


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