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Five Risk To Mother And Baby Of Winter Pregnancy In Future

Especially in the winter season, it is possible to prepare them in advance and to minimize the risks to mother and baby. The pregnancy and having a child’s dream of all married couples. All about pregnancy care, most expectant mothers. Lack of vitamins and sunlight, the risk of falls and injuries, cold and cold enough to worry about. below are the main risk to mother and baby of winter pregnancy in the future.

1- A lack of vitamins:

In cold weather, all fruits and vegetables are imported, and it often calls into question not only of their useful properties, but also safety. That is why the recommended course of vitamin therapy on doctor’s prescription and under his supervision. It is necessary to eat more dried fruit, lemon and cranberry (no allergic reactions). Do not forget the apples, pumpkin and mandarins. The diet must necessarily be present in fish and seafood.

2- Low humidity or dry Air:

Central heating radiators and heaters help to cope with the cold, but the air is dry. Dry air contributes to increased mucus in the nasal cavity. Dry nasal mucosa sends a signal to the brain, and it responds by stimulating the active cell. You need to purchase a humidifier or arrange the room filled with water (hang wet towels) That it has not happened.

3- Influenza and other viral diseases:

In winter, a pregnant woman should try to protect yourself and her baby from the virus infection. It is recommended to expand the house chopped garlic and to be changed every day to save harmful viruses and bacteria. It is necessary to avoid places with large concentrations of people. If this is not possible, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal mucosa antiviral ointment.

4- The danger of the skin:

Before the walk is recommended to apply on the skin with a special sunscreen. Otherwise, irritation, flaking and redness, will likely not be avoided. Do not forget the lips. Chapstick will protect them from cracking and peeling in the cold.

5- Injury and downs:

Ice and snow covered road is a direct threat to pregnant women. Falls, sprains and even fractures of the joints is not uncommon. To avoid this, you need to buy shoes with corrugated soles, non-slip.


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