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Four Main Causes of Blindness Disease in the World

Our eyes are the sense in which most rely on everyday life. The total loss of vision, blindness may occur as a result of eye injury, their disease or progressive eye disease. Accidents happen by doing activities, which could lead to eye injuries, use safety goggles. In other cases, vision loss can occur gradually or suddenly. Congenital diseases and vision problems may in fact lead to blindness.

It usually is they are affected by diseases that can completely take away our ability to see. Taking care of children’s eyes, especially those in the early stages of development.¬†Also, some diseases, which can result in it, and what are the risks and how to prevent them.

1- Cataracts disease :

This disease causes progressive clouding of the lens. It develops slowly and painlessly. In our country already suffering for her almost a million people. Patients eventually lose their vision, and recorded their image is becoming more and more blurred. It appears in people between 40 and 70 years of age. The patient is no longer able to see only the direction of the light and shapes of objects. The main cause of this disease is mechanical damage of the eye diseases, metabolic diseases, dermatological diseases, certain eye diseases, use of certain drugs, etc. When the cataract has been diagnosed, the only effective way of treatment is surgical removal of cataracts.

2- Glaucoma disease :

In this disease 85% cases develop completely painless at the beginning, without any symptoms. In the early stages of glaucoma patient does not notice at all that his eyesight is damaged. As is evident destroys the optic nerve. Therefore, measurement of intraocular pressure is the primary diagnostic tool for glaucoma. The main cause of this disease is too low or too high blood pressure, anemia, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis, after a heart attack or stroke heart, diabetes and people receiving long-term steroid medications.

3- Age-related macular degeneration:

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is affected mainly older people, usually above 60 years of age. Its main symptom is blurred vision. The image seen by the patient is blurred, and the edges of objects folded. In the center of the field, there is a growing dark spot, which forces the patient to look sideways. Unfortunately, the causes of the disease are not yet fully understood. This disease is associated with a progressive damaging of the blood vessels in the eye. It is a result of reduced blood supply to the light-sensitive cells of the retina, leading to their death.

4- Retinal detachment:

This disease is the disruption or detachment of the retina from underneath it cured. Symptoms that should worry are: the emergence of the field of view dots. “Flying flies” and “Black Rain”. Characteristic of this disease is a reduced field of view. The latter is often referred to by the patients themselves as if looking “through the curtain.” Most often it occurs when the patient is looking at the nose or temples. The main cause of this disease is high myopia and diabetes. They are particularly exposed to its people after the age of 50, mostly women.


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