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Garlic Benefits for Asthma and Paralysis Patients

The four and a half thousand years ago, when the pyramids of Egypt are at formulating stage, garlic images have also been drawn on their walls and beneath of these images, garlic benefits have also been endorsed. Moreover, pyramid formulating artisans have also an order to obey that every morning, they should eat garlic (3 or 4 pieces) for preventing by different diseases.

Famous Scientist Henry Ford wrote in his article in 1926 that garlic is such a unique gift from the God ALLAH ALMIGHTY which is so effective for heart and body growth. Its regular use should increase physical strength. The amount of calories found in garlic is three times higher than the carrot. 100 grams garlic contains one hundred twenty calories.

Garlic Advantages:

Garlic is too much effective in Intestinal diseases, Evaporation, Respiratory, Physical Worms, Skin Diseases, and Abscesses. It has also been effective in old age Elixir health issues. It will also help in producing fresh blood, clears throat rashes and in fractured bone. We can gain a fair skin complex by use of Garlic. Garlic is useful medicine for headache. If feel headache caused by cool air or cold water, mix and burn a few pieces of garlic in sweet oil. Massage the head and temples with this oil. The pain will go away in a few couple of minutes.

For Stroke Patients:

If someone has affected by stroke, his or her relatives should need to give only tea mixed with the some garlic. Tea should without milk. If they use only five days this remedy, the patient will be cured perfectly.

Striking Tip:

It has also been seen that if we put up gamble making with garlic’s peel in cough patients, the disease will come to rest. It is owing to that an essence of garlic comes out and when the patient breathes, cough has come to rest.

For Asthma Patients:

If the asthma attacks then the patient should need to eat Garlic with mixing sugar in it. It is so helpful for recovery of the breathing process instantly. Garlic is also very useful for reducing blood pressure. Then persons who are still facing the high blood pressure should also need to take some of Garlic in the morning with water and some of garlic in the evening. This will be helped to breach blockage of their veins and make blood flow easier.
One problem occurs with garlic with many peoples that garlic produces smell in their mouth. Owing to this reason, they avoid eating garlic. So one best solution for all of those persons is that if you eat dry grain bread or apple immediately after eating garlic should remove the smell of garlic.


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