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Get Rid of Angioplasty Operation by Using Natural Treatment

Remember that heart attacks are caused by increased cholesterol the most deaths in the world. You have to know a lot of people like that in your own home, which is the increasing weight and cholesterol. Medical stores are selling billions of medicine to heart patients in the world. If you have any discomfort, the doctor will say angioplasty done. The heart doctor put a spring in the groove in the operation called a stent. The stent is brought here is sold at million, and fool it to you. Doctors get commission for their money, so they got says you repeat angioplasty.

Cholesterol or Blood Pressure is the main reason to come heart attack. Angioplasty operation is never anyone’s success. Because the doctor who puts pen spring heart groove is the same as the spring. In a few months, on both sides of this spring gets up and starts to concentrate blockage of cholesterol and fats. Then comes a second heart attack and the doctor says it is, then repeat angioplasty. You spend millions of rupees and you cannot recover whole life.


  • Ginger (ginger juice) – is that thin the blood. This pain is reduced up to 90 % natural.
  • Garlic (garlic juice) – it does reduce cholesterol and BP in allicin element, opens heart blockage.
  • Lemon (lemon juice) – present in antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium blood clean. This increase resistance (immunity) against the disease.
  • Apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar) – There are 90 kinds of elements that the body’s nerves are all loose, clean and delete stomach fatigue.


1- Take a cup of lemon juice.
2- Take a cup of ginger juice.
3- Take a cup of garlic juice.
4- Take a cup of apple vinegar.
Heat on low temperature and mix them around, when you have 3 cups make it cool, now combine 3 cups of honey in it.


Take 3 tablespoons of this recipe on an empty stomach in the morning, which will remove all blockages. God willing, the vessel shall be opened.


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