Good News For Diabetic Patients, Scientists Have Got Important Achievement

Scientists have invented a device for Diabetic patients to know the amount of glucose in the blood, which works with the aid of microwave radiation on the skin instead of Acupuncture. Diabetics still need to know the amount of blood glucose several times a day, or have to use the blood glucose monitors. This new tool developed by the School of Engineering at Cardiff University. This tool can the patient put on your skin.

Professor Adrian porch says that is the traditional way to measure the amount of glucose in the blood to remove blood. Not so in our tool. Professor porch says, that this tool can be seen on the wing with any adhesive entity or body. This tool will run over and not even any chemical. He said that the information obtained from this device will be stored on a computer or mobile application.

Important Achievement:

Professor porch said, although for some it would be strange, that is applied to the tool body to emit microwave radiation, but it is absolutely safe. This device emitted microwave radiation, but a very low level. He does not Spread rays, which are used for cooking at home. Patients are quite interested. Diabetes is the biggest problem that the amount of glucose, they do not want Acupuncture finger, and that’s why people are interested in this tool.


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