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Home Prescription Of Dye The Black Hair In Aasier And Cheaper Way

Beautiful, dark and shiny hair is a sign of health, and white hair is a problem. But the white hair to dark, should avoid use of chemical products. And do not use high-priced hair dyes, because they’re enriched with masses of chemicals that may be dangerous to hair and skin, allow your hair certainly white to black by way of a tremendous recipe.

An easy and inexpensive solution is available in your home. To prepare this experienced Prescription for black hair you will need only four things. This mixture sit for an hour to prepare, this paste is now ready to put on the hair. Paste the hair well set up to let 20 to 25 minutes, and then wash thoroughly with water. However, do not use soap or shampoo.


1. Three pieces of garlic.
2. Linseed (flax) oil 200 grams.
3. Pure honey 50 grams.
4. Four pieces of lemon.


Peel a lemon and mix well with garlic, blend honey and linseed oil into the mixture and stare properly. Now put the aggregate in a cap closed glass jar and store inside the fridge. And use one teaspoon before 1/2 an hour, every meal. Try and use the wooden spoon.


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