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How To Differentiate Between The Common Cold And SARS From Flu

Nowadays more people are ill with influenza. I want to share with you how to determine how cold you get sick. And what is the difference between common colds and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) from the flu. For this purpose, doctors suggest a sign of differences. Keep it in an accessible place for you to in case of any suspicious symptoms you can easy to find and use.

Important to determine exactly what you have a cold, flu or SARS:

Since each of these diseases is their nature of origin and therefore require different treatment. If you are opposed of pharmaceuticals without being treated well, then you can use

BIOMEDIS (Bioresonance device) that helps you very effectively treated and cold and the flu and even prevent their development in the early stages. And not only you, but also others who are treated and Bioresonance devices BIOMEDIS.
Increased body temperatureOften above 38 degreesRarely
Runny noseSometimesUsually
A sore throatSometimesUsually
Aching muscles and jointssevereWeak
WeaknessLast more than 2-3 daysModerate
Severe depletionMan loses weight on the eyesNever
Discomfort in the chest, coughingStrongModerate
ComplicationsBronchitis, pneumonia and others.Sinusitis and ear pain


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