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How to Reduce Your Weight Without Doing Any Exercise

The nowadays majority of the people is worried due to increased weight. To go to Gym and take exercise regularly is said to be indispensable for stopping an increase in weight. But people cannot do so due to laziness and busyness. But we want to say to those people not to be disappointed because we are devising you a plan that you can reduce your weight without taking any exercise or going to the gym.

According to the latest research one should eat a meal after switching off the TV because while watching TV one cannot enjoy the taste of food in a noisy environment. Doing so you will feel your abdomen filled and will avoid eating twice or thrice. Also, do not eat while doing any work.

According to a research published in ‘The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition ‘ those who are used to eating while working in front of computer are in fact working with strayed mind without knowing how much they have eaten. If you are in an office, leave your seat and eat in cafeteria regularly during a break in an easy and comfortable environment so that you may enjoy your meal and will feel that how much you have eaten. Go for shopping after eating your meal in fasting condition, you may resort to overeating due to fatigue.

If you eat fully or little before shopping, you will not feel hunger after shopping. It is also advisable that if possible, keep an apple with yourself and eat that during the shopping. This will not only give strength to your body, but will satiate your hunger as well. Make a prior plan and prepare a list of eatable for the whole month what you are to eat and buy the ration accordingly, and buy nothing except the purchased list so that whenever you are to cook something, choose that amongst the available things which are nutritious for your health.

Hearing this will definitely astonish for you that you may reduce your weight while eating in a restaurant, how it can be? The fact is that you may ask for online menu from a restaurant wherefrom you may see and study, which item contains how many things and quantity of calories. In this way you may ask for a healthy item and doing so will help reduce your weight definitely.


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