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How To Remove Common Warts Fast By Using Vegetables

Warts often occur in the course of scratches, cuts etc. Tight and synthetic shoes can also cause microtrauma (rubbed sore legs) and promote the formation of plantar warts. And the appearance of warts after visiting the pool due to the fact that the skin is easily damaged on concrete ledges and irritated chlorinated water. Reduced immunity and chronic stress also increases the risk of growth of papillomavirus warts. There are several means to get rid of warts and prevent them from reproducing.

Castor oil:

This is a great way to widely used for its effectiveness in removing warts. The tool is slather on castor oil every night in the affected area is always delicate.


The milky juice of figs can also be used for the same purpose. Simply extract the juice from fresh fruit when they have not yet mature and put on the wart several times a day.


Potatoes are very useful for the treatment of warts. These materials must be cut and rubbed into the affected area several times a day for at least two weeks. Another method is to crush a piece of raw potato pulp and apply to the warts. It is desirable to perform the processing before bed and the next morning wash it with sufficient cold water.


Take garlic two or three cloves, finely chop, and causes exactly the wart, press down on top of a slice of garlic, two to four times a day, it can be used at night. Treatment is carried out for four days, repeat the course in two weeks.

Onion :

No less viable means is the use of the bow on the square. This vegetable is irritating to the skin and stimulates circulation. For recalcitrant warts can be applied fresh onion juice and let them dry. The idea is not flush, but waits for winter time in the bathroom and then wash naturally. This method is one of the most effective for warts on the hands and soles of the feet, but must not be used for the face.


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