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How You Can Cure And Treatment Of Eczema Disease At Home With Herbs

Eczema is a non-infectious inflammatory skin disease, occurring with itching, swelling, scaling, and other symptoms. Let’s look at some simple and effective ways to combat this disease. The most effective in the treatment of eczema found steroid ointments, but their frequent use can lead to other side-issues and diseases.

For example the formation of stretch marks, acne or just to a significant weakening of the skin condition. Therefore, it is necessary to use other means to effectively treat the disease. Recently the market has available drugs intended for topical application containing steroids. Such drugs are safer and can be used for both adults and children.

Tips for the treatment of Eczema:

Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity and contact with coarse fabric, as this leads to irritation of the skin. Always wear loose-fitting clothing made of cotton. Eliminate or minimize contact with animals, and take care of your skin wear gloves. While bathing use warm water and take a bath for 10-15 minutes with the addition of baking soda, wipe with a soft towel. Use moisturizers in places where the skin is irritated. Drink plenty of water, and change your diet, do not use animal fats, fried and spicy foods.

Herbs in the treatment of Eczema:

1- The effective infusion for the treatment of eczema is obtained from clover, nettle and burdock root. All components take in equal amounts (one tablespoon), pour a glass of boiled water and drink three times a day before meals.
2- Good help in the treatment of eczema, cold compresses infusion of red clover 100 gram pour two tablespoons clover. bring to a boil water, cook for twenty minutes on low heat. After cool and filter putting a dampened cloth to the affected sites on the skin.
3- You can lubricate the affected skin salve containing calendula flowers.

Ready infusion into three times before eating and drinking during the day. The above procedure is recommended to use no more than three weeks.


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