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Keep Bright and Healthy Skin Just In Five Minutes

Every girl or boy wants to such an amazing and workable tip to keep his/her skin brighter and more charming. For this purpose, lots of people search on the internet and has also visited to market and buy expensive creams. Some of them also visit to the beauty salon for the same purpose. Someone has also some unique and precious tips by their grandmother’s.

Do you believe on that remedies and tips? Are you one of these people who visit continuously to the beauty parlor? To keep bright and healthy Charming Skin with using of any chemically cream, we have such an amazing and effective tip for all of you. In this regard, you have to need prepare the mixture as described below.


1- Fresh skim milk cream 01 tablespoon.
2- Dried flour 02 tablespoons.
3- Fresh lemons few drops.
4- Milk 1/4 cup.


Take one tablespoon of fresh skim milk, cream, two tablespoons dried flour, a few drops of fresh lemons, some milk. Mix all these things and after it, apply this mixture on your face and generally rub into round position. When it keeps dried, wash your face with some warm water. After some minutes you can feel brightness and freshness on your best face.


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