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Luma Smile Tooth Polisher That Whitens And Polishes Teeth In Minutes

Spark innovators Luma Smile is a home tooth polisher product that removes stains for long lasting results. Using this you can whiten and polish teeth in just minutes a day. The secret of this amazing tool is the rotating rubber cup that gentle remover stains and polishes teeth. Press to activate the powerful but gentle battery operated cordless polisher and glide across the teeth to polish away stubborn surface stains. Leaves teeth feeling smooth and glossy.

This product includes Luma Smile and five polishing cups. Each cup lasts up to 100 uses. So it can be used for a long time. Two AA size batteries require to operate this tool.

Product Features:

1- Great for sensitive teeth.
2- Whitens and polishes teeth in minutes a day.
3- Five polishing cups included.
4- Tooth polisher provides professional results at home.
5- Removes stains brushing does not.

6- Leaves teeth feeling smooth and glossy.
7- Use weekly to help maintain a beautiful white smile.
8- Each polishing cup lasts up to 100 uses.
9- Includes our bonus whitener.
10- Requires two AA batteries.
11- Cordless.

Buy this product online from:

Pakistan: Price: Rs 1299

UK, USA: Price: $9.87

India: Price: Rs 419


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