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Magic Formula For Leucorrhoea Treatment With Eggs Peels

Leucorrhoea is a disease in women, white or light yellow fluid from the vagina is discharged. Leucorrhoea patient slowly becomes weak and emaciated. The disease seems to be old and pain in the back, head and legs in case of chronic anemia usually begin to appear around the patient’s body. The patient becomes irritable mood. It is an old disease Leucorrhoea, the liquid becomes smelly.

Due to the new married women are often times complain intercourse. Usually fatal disease, women understand it. And becomes more complex, using wrong medicines. The fact that Leucorrhoea is absolutely not a fatal disease. Through certain precautions can be get rid of it. The sooner the disease is not treated, weakness in the genitals and other complications, women is unable to have children.

Recipe ingredients:Ingredients treatment of Leucorrhoea
1- Creeping plant:
It is a reddish arise in five to six feet long branches that canals and river banks and lake water and spread on a nearby tree. You will find creeping plant from your nearest grocery store or Hakeem easily.

2- Egg peels:
The egg peels contain of 95 % calcium carbonate and is used for many diseases.

3- Butter:

Preparation and instruction:

1- Put a creeping plant in a glass filled with water in the night before sleeping. The morning throws away, creeping plant branches and use only the prepared water.

2- Grind the Egg peels into powder form and put in a tablespoon of butter in it and mix. Take a spoon and eat it. Remember that butter base treatment always takes an empty stomach.

3- Then drink a glass of creeping plant water, use this recipe almost a week.


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  • Hi thats sound amazing first time i hear about this recipe i would like to know about the plant is it a white radish you are talking about i haven’t got the plant please tell me what the exact name of the plant so i can translate the name to my language thank you

  • Can you please tell me more about creeping plants as its really difficulte to find please show me an online website that i can buy the plant from

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