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Magic Formula To Get Rid Of A Cough And Chest Pain In One Night

It is a successful recipe to get rid of pathological symptoms affecting humans from time to time cough and pain chest tightness. Despite the fact that these diseases can be disposed of with drugs, but the natural recipes less expensive and better health and when accurately be faster in effect picked up.


* Napkin: A square piece of cloth.

* Gauze: A piece of fabric made of cotton.

* Plaster: Helps seal gauze, cuts and injuries.

* Honey: Honey has a lot of benefits you can review some of them through this article and recipes benefits of honey.

* White flour: Accurate and precise many benefits is that it helps to prevent injury problems digestive diseases. As flour contains high levels of soluble fiber and thus helps to prevent constipation and colon cancer. It helps the body’s ability to resist disease and is considered accurate brown is particularly rich in antioxidants.

It destroys the radicals that cause disease and keeps the bones and teeth as well. White flour is rich in calcium and is considered very important for the growth and repair of cells, because 12% of its content is made up of protein.

Recipe of bandage method:

The flour mixed with honey and placed on a napkin and wrapped with gauze and stuck on the chest. The bandage on the back for a whole night and would prefer that the sick person heating heavily until the body sweats. Full results will notice since the first night and prefer to repeat the recipe until it has passed cough Permanently.


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