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Magic Formula To Increase Ovulation-Increase The Likelihood Of Pregnancy

It is only for married couples. The pregnancy and having a child’s dream of all married couples. Both for men and women, but even women can and also the man felt that they must know the days and symptoms of ovulation in women.

As well as they can given prescriptions to increase ovulation, means increase the likelihood of pregnancy. This prescription agreed with the most highly qualified doctors in the worldwide. This natural recipe can help it after depending on God Almighty.

The method of preparation of the recipe:Magic Formula To Increase Ovulation (2)

1- Cinnamon 100 grams.
2- Ginger 100 grams.
3- Fenugreek 100 grams.

How to make:

Mix equal amounts of these three ingredients, then place a tablespoon of this mixture in a glass of water and let it boil even for two minutes. Subsequently? drink this boiled mixture three times a day. Preserve it in an airtight jar, you can add honey for a better taste.


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