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Main Causes Of Leucorrhoea And How To Get Rid Of Without Any Medicine

Leucorrhoea commonly known by the name of white substance emissions. It is the disease of female genitalia. The white substance is released from the female vagina. This exclusion is flowing quite as smooth or sticky and thick. Its composition is changing with women with aging. Female sex specific organ discharge to a certain extent is normal and a sign of prosperity. This exclusion actually dead cell genitalia is in liquid form. And they are toxic components, there are constant from that organ. In normal, healthy women emissions whiteness is inclined. When the situation is serious and unusual process emissions if the following conditions requiring treatment Leucorrhoea.

1- If emissions are too high and continued to be difficult to stop it, even have to be padded.
2- If emissions are not quite white, but greyish white, yellow or green, brown or rust and emissions during the itching sensation.

The following are some known causes.

1- Infection caused by a type of fungus:
As the fungus that causes yeast infections are sticking genitalia or sex. If the disease caused by the fungus emissions will be condensed and it will feel itchy sexual organ. This type of emissions is called fungus of female organs
2- Transmitted disease:
Some sexually transmitted diseases are the cause of Leucorrea in the women. It is a sexually transmitted disease Trichomoniasis. The emission is greenish or yellow.
3- Dirty toilet:
Shared use of bathroom accessories, especially public toilets lead to infection of the female genital organs. Leucorrhoea is causing disease. This is seen in women who use drugs are sexual organ.
4- Womb of the last narrow issues:
At the end of pregnancy can cause blisters or swelling of the Leucorrhoea. It is very much in a state Leucorrea emission, rather than emissions that occur during sexual intercourse and it is brown and resembles a blood clot.
5- inflammation of the lower part:
Abdomen (which are reproductive and sexual organs) infection may cause inflammation. This causes inflammation in the Leucorrhoea.
6- Different diseases:
They are women who suffer from various diseases. Like tuberculosis or anemia, his sexual organ is much more than the amount of emissions. This is seen in women who do not have immunity against the disease, or use malnutrition
7- Pressure and stress:
Lacquer is also some psychological reason, women who are under pressure, or are prone to problems. The disease can be Leucorrhoea.

Complications arising from Leucorrhoea:
Leucorrhoea is a minor illness, you get caught up in the beginning. If someone feels they pin emissions uncommon to see a doctor immediately. Timely treatment, this problem can be solved in a day or a week. One thing should be noted that liquor should not use any medicine itself. In the market, many creams, ointments and pills are available. Without the advice of their gynecologist should not be used. Some women are allergic to drugs used in liquor. This may be due to infection.

Protection From Leucorrhoea:
There are many other considerations, which can be avoided by following Leucorrhoea.
1- Cleaning is very important reproductive organs.
2– Vulva, Anus and female genital layers have poured too much water.
3- Do not wet after bathing reproductive and reproductive contours.
4- Wet clothes during the rains come, to change them immediately. Avoid from nylon clothes, especially in the summer because it gets sweat accumulates in the sexual organs. Cotton is the best fabric for underwear.
5- If you are going to have sexual intercourse, make sure that your partner will be free from any kind of infection, since the process for you and your partner should wash their genitals thoroughly.
6– Complete abstinence from masturbation.
7- Around the reproductive organs powder, perfume and other cosmetics are not used unnecessarily.
8- To reduce stress and the pressure to daily exercises. If the body will be stress free, so it will be more resistant to disease.


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