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Main Causes Of Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting) In Children And How To Get Rid Off

However, it should be noted that up to 6 years, children can expect to urinate bed sometimes causes no alarm signal. But older children, and the situation last longer than is necessary, then we can talk about the presence of nocturnal enuresis, to what extent possible. In fact, the causes of bed wetting are not determined by the doctors treating dose of the various theories. Bed-wetting is caused by stress and behavioral disorders (anxiety, nervousness, low self-esteem, depression) are the most controversial.

How to treat Nocturnal Enuresis in children:

But this fact did not know the exact reasons that cause urinary incontinence window makes it very difficult to diagnose the exact treatment. Therefore the majority of cases simply heals with time and patience.
However, if the presence of enuresis identifies your child. Always a medical consultation will help, as he may recommend some methods to treat enuresis. Those recommended at all, such as anger with a child has wet the bed. Of course, this causes inconvenience and additional work for the parents, but the pressure on the child to stop it can only cause a problem to deteriorate. As long as there are other psychological complexes.

Some Useful Tips:

But although there is no cure for the solution of the problem of child health. Yes, we can give you a few tips that will help you to minimize it. First, try to reduce the cause of the problem, in the urine. So you should check that the child does not consume too much fluid during the hours before bedtime. I advise you to go to the bathroom frequently. But above all, the child can solve this problem faster if you are in a family atmosphere of trust and affection. So support and understanding of the rest of the family is essential to overcome the child’s nocturnal enuresis.


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