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Make Stronger and Multiply the Growth of Your Hair in Just Two Weeks

A masks of onion juice for hair that give hair strength and vitality and shine. although some people do not want to eat because it leaves a bad smell of the mouth, but this smell can be removed with mint and others. However, onion is very useful for health. Onions will give you the hair that has always dreamed of. Below is a wonderful recipe from onions to Stronger your hair and prevent hair loss and growth nicely.

Recipe Preparation:

Mask onion juice components:

Three grains of onions, white onions preferred to use because it is full of juice.

How to implement the recipe:

1- Cut the kernels from 3 onions. Place the onion pieces blender and mix until you have onion juice.
2- Bring a small strainer holes and mix with a clean cotton cloth and rub juice scalp well.
3- Leave the onion juice massage on your hair for two hours and then cover it with plastic.
3- Wash your hair thoroughly with water and then shampoo. Repeat this mask twice a week and get a spectacular results.


To get rid of the smell of onions on the hair, soak a bundle of fresh green parsley in about two liters of boiling water. Leave in the water for 20 minutes and then a descriptive well water and add a cup of vinegar to it. Wash your hair with this mixture to eliminate the smell of hair permanently.


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