Modern Research Has Proved That Obesity In children Can Make The Heart Sick

Use too much sugar, Playing video games and mobile phone and stay glued to the computer, children are not only making slow and lazy, but dangerous disease like obesity is giving birth. And having been warned in a new study, that’s why obese, overweight eight years old children may be suffering from heart disease. Doctors say that, we have researched at the 20 obese, and 20 less overweight children. It was confirmed that overweight children gained 40 percent are at risk of heart disease.

Because of reason of obesity, the heart muscle is fat that the heart’s ability to pump blood is affected. Doctors say, cause of Obesity the muscles of the heart’s Left Ventricle volume increases of 27 percent, when the heart muscles are 12 percent fat and both of these are symptoms of heart disease.

Modern Research:

Gained obesity in children, many children with asthma, high blood pressure and depression can be gained. During the research study heart disease in children who were physically not see, however, when the MRI scan, seeing them suffering from diseases of the heart clearly. Some children were obese, the MRI machine little badly, and could not be tested. It can be said that this risk is even greater. Researchers have warned that there are many reasons for the death of young heart disease risk increases with age the time before. The researcher also said that the youth, such a young age can be disease and distress. The researcher says that his disease at such a young age youth can be removed. However, parents have a key role, and they will have to lead by healthy food, so to avoid obesity.


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