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Natural Healing Software Portable Homeopathy By Zentrum Publishing

Natural Healing Software by Zentrum Publishing offers the most for the widest range of heeding in Alternative Medicine. Included over four hundred homeopathic remedies (Materia Medica) with symptoms & health problems. Homeopathy software program presents a wealth of records in three databanks. Such as,afflictions (shows homeopathic remedy charts by using associated signs and symptoms), materia medica (lists information on particular homeopathic merchandise), and cell salts (tissue salts). The statistics, financial institution homeopathy lists homeopathic treatments and products by way of symptoms.

It is also a tongue indicator device and brief reference charts for afflictions of the attention, coronary heart, skin, neurotic and digestive structures.Natural Healing Software Portable Homeopathy V5.6 compatible for all Microsoft windows xp, vista, windows 7 and 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. After download extract in the folder, file size 18.6 Mb| x86, x64.
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Homeopathy _03Zentrum Publishing provide the Collection is a package of ten natural health databank programs. You can easily purchased each program and used as stand-alone software, independent of the other programs. for more detail visit official website www.homeopathy-software.net.

Due to copyright law, I have not provided you to upload over the internet, If you want this portable application then write me in the comments or send me your Email Address at farooqtechnology@gmail.com and get the download link.


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