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Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Brown Spots And Warts From Face

A handful of dry onion peel pour 1 liter of boiling water, put on a small fire as soon begins to boil, remove. Cool, strain. Drink 100 ml, three times a day for 2 weeks. Coming of age spots, keratomas, Hanging papilloma. Disappear even black big hanging moles. It turns out sand and small stones from the bladder and kidneys.

Natural Home Remedies:

*Tea made from onion peel improves the immune system, tones the heart activity, has a laxative, diuretic, antispasmodic effect. It helps to cope with hypertension. And if you regularly use a decoction of onion peel with shampoo, the hair will never fall and dandruff will not. Simply rinse after shampooing decoction.

*There is another unique recipe to get rid of the huge senile warts that appear on the hands, face and neck. Excellent tincture helps potato flowers. Clean, domestic, not treated with chemicals. We must gather up, flowers full quart. And fill them with vodka. Infuse 3 weeks, shaking occasionally. Then, wring out and lubricate the wart 3 – 4 times a day. For the week of warts will be over! Store the tincture in a bottle of dark glass.

*You can also get rid of small warts (moles on the stem) with tincture of birch buds on the vodka. Make it simple: pour into a jar about half a glass of vodka and throw a handful of birch buds (they are sold in a pharmacy). Put in a dark place. Daily shake. After a few days the tincture will get a beautiful color cognac – so ready to use. Apply to the papilloma cotton wool soaked in liqueur. A few days later, it will turn black and fall off. Also, this method works well when inadvertently will harm the mole and it starts to bleed. The setting can be stored for 2 years, without losing its properties. She can smear the bruises and abrasions, they instantly disappear.
Source: Newspaper HLS number 17 for 2015.


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  • Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and remedies for warts! I just want to add another effective remedy for warts that worked really well for me, in the hope that your readers will find it useful:

    Hot bath (45°С for 10 minutes) of feet with a decoction of walnut leaves and piperiche (Polygonum hydropiper) (leaves and blossom). Of both take 5 table spoonfuls and boil in 2 l of water for 10 minutes. After the bath feet and hands are dried and the first wart is covered with

    а) warm clay cake from the hive. Fix it with a bandage or scotch tape. It will fall off in a few days. Or:
    b) a slice of tomato or lemon, sprinkled with salicylic acid (from the pharmacy). Or:
    c) warm poultice of baked onions, peeled and squeezed; add 2- 3 prunes (for compote), smashed without stones and sprinkled with a little corn flour.

    In addition, three evenings in a row, keep your feet for 10 minutes in hot water, and after that rub them and bind them with chicken gizzard: cut out the meat, cut the internal tough bag and bind it on the foot. At the same time put a compress on the belly, dipped in chamomile tea. Put a newspaper on top and a woolen scarf. On your head put a “cap” of fresh cabbage leaf and sprinkle its inside part with a little vinegar. Keep overnight.

    This remedy works wonders – I strictly followed the above remedy for about 2 weeks, and all the warts that I had on my hand and index finger disappeared!

    Anyways, thanks again for sharing and publishing this helpful information on warts.



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