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Natural Magical Drink To Get Rid Of Toxins And Fat In The Liver

Liver is a largest member inside the human body. It is one of the most important and cannot live without it filters the blood, a member of the main manufacturing in the body and the occurrence of any defect. Which is reflected on the whole body is exercised many important roles in our bodies after eating digest food and absorb substances from the food.

Taken from the large blood vessels to the liver handles materials, that are absorbed into the rest of the body can be used include substances addressed by the liver in order to restore the body absorbed. Both fatty acids and protein, sugar, vitamins, materials Liver and gets rid of harmful substances. Liver also makes bile, working to assist in the absorption of the food we eat. It consists of a substance called bilirubin, a chemical yellow color. Yellow launches into the first section of the intestine directly through the common bile duct, It can also be stored in the gallbladder.

Liver chemicals work to make blood clots when the blood clots to prevent a major hemorrhage and infection. Today on our subject naturally magical drink save you from toxins and fat in the liver.

Recipe ingredients
Recipe ingredients:

1- A glass of water.
2- Cabbage leaves 125 grams.
3- Lemon juice.
4- Celery 25 grams.
5- Mint leaf 10 grams.
6- One teaspoon of ginger.

They put together all those ingredients, and mix well in a blender. Then put them in a bottle and drank a cup of this brew a day, until the liver clean and free of toxins and fat.


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