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Proper Diet And Food Can Play An Important Role In Our Lives And Keep Us Fit

Today man is beset on all sides by problems. Man aspires to be much that it is unable to understand, Without regard to health no success so far is difficult to sail towards success. The person must be healthy enough to stay alive. Worse is that every man is sick. We eat a lot of medicine despite not becoming healthy. I tell you that this treatment without any medicine plays an important role in keeping us healthy. At this current time, we eat food, that almost 70 percent increase in our body the effects of drought.

If you exceed this limit when such symptoms are called diseases. For example, constipation, dry compressed can cause the blood to thicken, the stomach is acidic, cholesterol is increased, there is tension mounted, ear ring, ear drought occurs, cracking of the lips, hemorrhoids, language rip, rip the nails, the nails go down, skin eruptions, psoriasis, skin peel off, dry skin, liver begin to fat etc.

In the form of food, you can avoid them. After evaluation of the work is a consideration, you can very quickly get rid of these diseases If you feel the symptoms, then reduce the Foods to effects of drought, the dry coconut, sour yogurt, roasted chickpeas, basin fritters, fish, brinjal, green peas, tomatoes, cabbage, red beans, peas, millet, Beef, chicken, Gut, bitter gourd, spinach, lentils gram, lentils masoor. Include the following foods in your diet plan Ginger jam, whole almonds, wheat porridge, paratha, sweet home made eggs, carrots, turnips, mutton, domestic poultry, quail, partridge, sparrow, dove, Swan Meat, liver, lentil Mon, mungry, pumpkins, Nintendo, olives. In salads, green mint, onion, cumin, pepper, turmeric, cow’s milk, honey. Fruits like mango, melon, guava, grapes, sweet, papaya, dates, etc. If you add more in your diet you will better in a few days.


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  • It is really need a diet plan for daily routine life, As we go round the clock and can make better timings of food. Keep a decent intervals and quality can have lot of effects in body and brain.

    So I am 100% agree with above advice in post.

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