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Seven Most Effective Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Depression

Depression is accompanied by a constant feeling of sadness and anxiety, apathy and indifferent attitude towards reality, the painful feelings of guilt and the inability to obtain pleasure from life, the pursuit of peace and loneliness, a sense of will and intellectual dullness. It is very dangerous for human health and often arises as a result of stress. Get rid of depression, regular exercise, especially sports activities such as swimming, walking, jogging, cycling. Try not to overeat, but do not give up food and make yourself a healthy and balanced diet.

If the problem is urgent, discuss it first with close friends, or the people who you trust. The need to take an urgent decision only exacerbates the depression. If depression reached the point that you often think about death and even suicide, should immediately contact a psychologist. To get rid of the depression, you need to leave home and find themselves actively engaged. Try not to be alone, spend time with you nice people. Use sunglasses with a green filter and wear them.

Natural Home Remedies For Depression:

1- Peppermint:

peppermintMostly domestic plant, indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, Pour 200 ml of boiling water with a tablespoon of peppermint (leaves), cook for 10 minutes and take morning and evening for 100 ml.

2- Oat straw:

oat strawPrepare the infusion of 400 ml of boiling water and three tablespoons of oat straw (pre-chopped). During all throughout the day. It is full of calcium and magnesium, so both physical and nervous fatigue and is helpful for depression.

3- Camomile aster:

camomilePour 200 ml of boiling water a tablespoon of aster camomile (flowers), cool and strain. Drink 3-4 times a day on a tablespoon. It is also prepare to make  different herb infusions to serve various medicinal purposes.

4- Angelica:

angelicaPour 200 ml of boiling water a tablespoon of recurrent Angelica (rhizomes and roots), to insist. Take three or four times a day for 100 ml.

5- Primula:

PrimulaTake a half liter of boiling water 5 gram Primula (crushed roots and leaves) and drink 2-3 times a day on a tablespoon. This herb has more than 500 species in traditional treatments.


6- Valerian root, Leaves of bean trefoil and Peppermint:

valerian root, peppermint and leaves of bean trefoilTake equal parts of valerian root, leaves of bean trefoil and peppermint leaves, pour 200 ml of boiling water a tablespoon of the collection and presentation. Take 200-400 ml in the evening.

7- Gentian :

gentian lungPour 200 ml of boiling water 2 teaspoons of the herb gentian lung (pre-chopped) and boil for 10 minutes. Drink 30-40 minutes before meals three times a day with 100 ml of broth. Did you like it, Share with your friends.


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