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Simple Spiritual Process to Get First Position In Examination

I read about this Spiritual Process in an article, which has been published in the Monthly Ubqari Magazine. Because I am also belongs to teaching by professionally. When I read about its effects, I began reciting this Dua daily prior attending of my classes. In result of reading said spiritual process, weak students take interest in study and even being well disciplined. Owing to this Dua and with the help of Almighty Allah, all children got passed and seventeen children have won scholarships. On this great achievement our school has also got the best award certificate of the year and also with cash prize.

Definitely, it was the blessing of aforesaid prayer. I have to face the exam of M.A. By the help of this Dua, I have submitted the entire question. Although the entire subjects were difficult, but I performed my best. At last, when the exam’s result out, I have passed with A+ Grade. My colleagues were also surprised owning to this superb result. I know how it will be happening.

Recite This Spiritual Dua Daily:

I share the same prayer with all of my friends, students, brothers, sisters and advise them to recite the same prior to exam especially at the time of submitting question paper.


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