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The Simplest Recipe to Black Hair Through a Common Vegetable

White hair brings a clear change in the human personality. Usually white hair tells the truth about age of the person. That caused the self-esteem are more likely to collapse. But due to increased engagement, problems and lack of vitamins and blood and also pollution doesn’t affect the hair of old age people, but nowadays the younger generation also upset many white hairs.


Most people are taking help from different type of hair color from the market to eliminate their white hair. But now it is clear that these hair colors are harmful and have chemicals which is a main cause of hair fall. Besides, the color does not have to be a permanent solution, but you must use them every month. But you do not worry because we have a permanent solution to this problem. 

This is the old version of washing hair from the skins of the potatoes and water. This is a proven way to eliminate gray hair and strengthens your hair. The amount of starch in the potato skin turns black on your white hair.


We will tell you how to mix it so you can get hair painlessly. peel four potatoes, skins and put them in cold water. Boil this in a bowl. When the water is boiling and boil on low heat while rows. Then let the cold water off the stove. The dismantling of the potato scent of lavender oil can be added. The more useful when used in clean, wet hair. Apply this mixture to hair after shampoo, but not wash the hair after applying the mixture that it works this time.


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