Slavadi Is A New Antiviral Medicine To Treat Chronic (HIV) Hepatitis C Disease

There are three types of hepatitis (HIV), and has been named hepatitis A, B and C. According to medical experts, hepatitis A is not dangerous disease and patients suffering from this type of hepatitis in many cases are often recovered without treatment. However, this means the disease’s symptoms and medical advice must not neglect. But, according to experts, hepatitis B and C infection can be a fatal disease. An estimated five million people have hepatitis viruses in the body around the world. Normally the viral person is unaware of his illness. But according to experts has declared a time bomb in the patient’s body. Hepatitis C is considered to be a difficult disease to treat.

Doctors recommend the most expensive vaccine for the treatment of hepatitis C, which only dead the virus of this disease. He often fails, especially for those patients before the HIV disease attacks, visually the liver patient. simply it is a silent killer because a lot of people infected with this disease, and shows no apparent symptoms for several years, until the last stage.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease, is caused by Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). Interferon injection is most commonly treatment of hepatitis C, that injects on a day or after three days. Recently a new medicine named “Sovaldi”for this disease is available all over the world. Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir) is manufactured by Gilead Sciences, United States. Savage is more effective than current interferon alpha 2b or pegylated interferon treatment therapy, which costs more with low efficacy and more side effects. The recommended dose of sofosbuvir is 400 mg taken orally once a day.Slavadi treatment duration

Gilead Sciences is the manufacturer for sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) and $85,000 price for a course of treatment in United State. Sleeved pack of 28 tablets price is $ $815 in United Kindom, and price is Rs 55,000 in Pakistan. Recently the Ferozsons announce to provide tablets direct to patients at a price of Rs 32,300 per monthly dose of Sovaldi.


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