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Some Golden Rules For A Good Night’s Sleep And Get Rid Of Drugs

This information is important in order to better comply with rhythm and establish a place conducive to sleep. Keep a regular sleep schedule as possible, especially good for your health. Training to meet the needs feel free to manage sleep schedules. The festive period is ideal in order to determine whether it is rather early in the morning or in the evening a great little sleeper or sleeper. This is also the time to identify the needs of your partner and your children.

Sleep affects on your health:

1- Avoid exciting day coffee, tea tobacco vitamin C caffeine drinks etc.
2- Avoid heavy meals at night. Also avoid alcohol as it can contribute to numbness but then disrupts sleep.
3- No sports or other stimulating activities at night. On the contrary an hour before at least before bedtime should be made peaceful and relaxing activities.
4- Teas, hot milk is useful for relaxation rituals to sleep. Repeat every night of sleep state and shorten the duration of sleep.
5- Reserve the bed for sleep and intimacy no television, no computer no intellectual activity.

6- Create a calm and peaceful environment ventilated insulated from the noise of a room temperature and soft light.
7- Many of us have a television in the bedroom. Some said they felt attracted by images and sound, and that keeps us awake. For those who fall asleep in front of the television. Otherwise, you risk wake minimum change in sound. As for those who tend to fall asleep watching television on the couch, but they need to be proactive getting ready for the night. Before settling on the couch you have to put your pajamas brush their teeth and close the doors and windows. So if you wake up a few hours later you just have to move the bed to continue sleeping. Otherwise, drugs for sleep will have the opposite effect and the person will end completely until late.


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