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Spiritual Treatment to Get Rid Gangrene Disease 100%

Gangrene is a disease in which some living cells of patients may dead (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply). Physicians in all over the world could not find yet the effecting cure of Gangrene. Owing to Gangrene, the majority of patients whom are suffering with same, loss their foot or affected body part forever.

The Doctor advises to cut of said body part with a patient’s body to avoid its further extension. Now patients of Gangrene don’t need to worry. They do a small process of just a few days and as affect the death part could alive.

With the help of this, no further dressing be a need to wounds.

Spiritual Treatment Treatment as Under:

Take a bucket of boiled water. Insert two large spoons of salt and put the injured foot round about 20 minutes in salty water. But remember one more thing is that the treatment restored the patient 6 verses 21 times daily to read and drink water remains on the tail ‘of the process is only 11 days.

The following are six verses (6 ayat)

1) Surah At-Tawbah verses  14
2) Surah Yunus verses 57
3) Surah Bani-Israil verses 82
4) Surah Ash-Shura verses 80
5) Surah Nahal verses 69
6) Surah Ha-Mim verses 40

Thank you Allah swt for all the blessings ,Oh Allah Forgive all our sins,give us all that is good & keep us away from all that is bad.


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